Possible Worlds.

Educating and Empowering children affected by poverty and exploitation with a goal of enriching their lives for a future filled with possibilities.

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Possible Worlds strongly believes that Education is the basis of hope for impoverished children. Without education many children are left with no skills or knowledge of how to survive the possibility of a bleak future.

It is a basic right that all children should receive education.  For almost 10 years, Possible Worlds has been proudly supporting the education of impoverished children in Nepal.  

In addition, we are expanding our efforts to support children affected by poverty and exploitation, here in Canada.



Possible Worlds' programs encourage children to explore ways to make positive changes in our world while exploring ideas through Storytelling, Art, Science & Music.  

Our programs encourage empathy & compassion for our ever changing world while building confidence and respect for others.

A spark of creativity can open children's minds to a brighter future and offer a world of possibilities.  

We strive to bring hearts & minds together for good.   

All donations directly support our Possible Worlds programs with tax receipts for Canadians!