The primary mission of Possible Worlds Foundation is to free children from poverty and exploitation by providing education, basic housing, nutritious food and medical care in a safe and nurturing environment. Currently we support 140+ young girls and boys in Nepal - orphaned, abandoned or rescued from child slavery.

Possible Worlds strongly believes that Education is the basis of hope for impoverished children. Without education many children are left with no skills or knowledge of how to survive the possibility of a bleak future. Children should be encouraged to be creative and to open their minds to new ideas. As a result, the children learn to build trust and offer respect for others while building confidence.

Possible Worlds respects that awareness is imperative for positive change in our world. We all have a story to tell, and each story is important to be heard. The power of a Documentary Film offers a moment in time; an opportunity for the viewer to reflect; and a voice that sheds awareness. Possible Worlds is proud to be supported by Think Positive Productions Inc. in presenting a series of engaging film

Gayatri became a Kamlari (child slave) at a very young age.  Both of her parents had died and she was left alone, homeless.  Gayatri is a sweet young girl.  She is quiet and shy, but loves to dance and reads past the point when her sweet eyes burn. Gayatri now attends school with over 50 other Kamlari girls that have been rescued due to the ongoing efforts of Nepal Orphans Home, to abolish the horrific practice of Child Slavery in Nepal. Gayatri is determined ...

Gayatri C

13 Years Old, Former Child Slave

Gayatri C

Possible Worlds is honoured to support Volunteer Nepal in striving to serve and enhance the relationship between the Nepalese people and volunteers who seek a heartfelt, life-changing experience.

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