Providing Healing Therapy to children affected by trauma and abuse in Canada.

• SUPPORT & HEALING therapy Programs

Did you know? ---> One third of Canadians have suffered child abuse and 1.2 million Canadian children are living in poverty, according to Statistics Canada. 


Providing Education and Arts Programs to children affected by poverty, orphaned, abandoned or rescued from child slavery in Nepal. 

• PRIMARY Education

• College Education

• Art Programs

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Did you know? ---> The people of Nepal have endured decades of political instability, and thousands of children are displaced and living in desperate situations. 


Providing Primary Education for orphaned children living with HIV in Thailand.

• PRIMARY Education

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Did you know? ---> Many living with HIV in Thailand are ostracized and pressured to leave their communities.  As a result, HIV infected babies are often rejected and abandoned.  

Future Programs.

We are working to partner with organizations to provide education to children affected by poverty, trauma & abuse.


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