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Education inspires the mind & heart.   Our goal is to provide Education & Empowerment programs to children affected by poverty, trauma & abuse to improve their quality of life, enriching their lives for a future filled with possibilities.


Primary Education



Providing Education to children orphaned, abandoned, living with HIV or rescued from child slavery.

• primary EDUCATION

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Deelala's Story

Deelala dreams of going to the beach and swimming in the ocean.  Both of his parents passed away from AIDS when he was a baby.  Deelala always has lots of energy to play and is a joy to be around.

"I love to smile and move around." - Deelala

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Waewwan's Story

Waewwan lost both of her parents to AIDS and was left to care for her little brother. Waewwan is a quiet girl who works hard at school. 

"I love all kinds of candies because the taste is really good." - Waewwan

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Rachen's Story

Rachen loves toy cars and Batman.  His parents, originally from Myanmar, passed away from AIDS when he was very young.  Rachen is cheerful and smart with a very good memory. 

"I am very strong and like to eat all kinds of food!" - Rachen

College Education



Providing support for College Education of children orphaned, abandoned or rescued from child slavery.


Chham's Story

Chham was welcomed into our family in Nepal in 2005 at the age of 10.  Since then he has been a wonderfully caring & attentive big brother and wonderful friend to all of the children we support.  He works hard and has always been determined to have his own business.  Having been born in the Gorkha region of Nepal he spent his early years in a tiny village high in the mountains.  His village was hit hard during the devastating earthquakes of 2015, and so Chham took the initiative to help rebuild their community school and homes.  



We have been supporting Chham for over 10 years and today Chham is working to complete his college degree and has also founded a registered trekking company.  With Chham by their side tourists truly experience the best of Nepal!

If you're considering trekking in Nepal, we highly recommend contacting & supporting Chham through his company:


“You are allowed to live a happy life with a good heart, with happiness. Only education can change the world. Without education, there is no way to change.” - Chham

Support & Healing Therapy


Supporting children affected by domestic violence, trauma or abuse through healing therapy programs.

• support & healing therapy

Future Programs.

We are working to partner with organizations to provide education to children affected by poverty, trauma & abuse.


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