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Happy Holidays

from our Founder Toni Thomson

Dear Friends & Supporters,  2017 has been an inspirational year filled with exciting new opportunities and for 2018 we are excited to Educate & Empower more children through our programs - in Canada, Thailand, USA and Nepal!  Thank you for sharing this journey with us.  

Wishing you Happy Holidays, from our Team at Possible Worlds.

Thank you Kalaya for the sweet memories and lifelong inspiration.  


"The Most Beautiful Flower I've ever seen." - The Story of Kalaya.

In 1998, I set off to explore South-East Asia, and in particular step far off the beaten path.  On that journey I ventured to a very remote village in Northern Thailand which was my very first experience with immense poverty.   

I admit to leaving my heart in that village after befriending a little girl named Kalaya fetching wood for a fire along the village path.  Despite being just 6 years old her role was to take care of her 2 younger siblings while her mother worked clearing fields from morning to night.   Little Kalaya and her 2 siblings did not attend school and ate nothing more than rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner, if they were lucky.  She wore a thin, ragged t-shirt in the cool October air, and a family necklace handed down from her great great Grandmother.  Although her days were long and tiresome, she had the most radiant smile and kind heart.  As I left the village I'll always remember her running along the path towards me and stopping to give me a gift.   She told me 'it was the most beautiful flower she had ever seen and she wanted me to have it! ' 

From that day forward I promised myself that I would do what I could to make a difference for children like Kalaya and others around the world.    Always wishing we can do more.... Toni :)