Primary Education



Providing Education to children orphaned, abandoned, living with HIV or rescued from child slavery.

• primary EDUCATION

2018-WEB CHILD PROFILES-Deelala.jpg

Deelala's Story

Deelala dreams of going to the beach and swimming in the ocean.  Both of his parents passed away from AIDS when he was a baby.  Deelala always has lots of energy to play and is a joy to be around.

"I love to smile and move around." - Deelala

2018-WEB CHILD PROFILES-Waewwan.jpg

Waewwan's Story

Waewwan lost both of her parents to AIDS and was left to care for her little brother. Waewwan is a quiet girl who works hard at school. 

"I love all kinds of candies because the taste is really good." - Waewwan

2018-WEB CHILD PROFILES-Rachen.jpg

Rachen's Story

Rachen loves toy cars and Batman.  His parents, originally from Myanmar, passed away from AIDS when he was very young.  Rachen is cheerful and smart with a very good memory. 

"I am very strong and like to eat all kinds of food!" - Rachen